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Following are two free novels, a free short story collection, and two short story samplers taken from my for-sale short story collections.


This is a Free Short Novel: Download and Read!

Power is the tale of Brian Hopper, an American mainstream liberal who finds a magic artifact on a trip to the Red Sea, in Egypt. He opens the lamp and is granted a "tremendous" amount of power for one year by the creature of the lamp. He then notices himself feeling more violent, and he kills some people by turning them into ashes. He gives it a stretch and kills more people. Then there is a major riot in Los Angeles, and Brian shows up and kills a lot of people. And keeps killing people, hundreds and then thousands and then millions. He tosses around nukes like toys and knocks down armies and topples nations. The U.S. government gets on to him, and they alert Interpol, and the hunt for Brian is on. Can he stay ahead of the authorities and continue to kill undesirables? One last blast, then, before his magic is all gone...

Spirits of the Woods and Other Stories

This is a Free Short Story Collection: Download and Read!

Spirits of the Woods and Other Stories is a collection of short speculative fiction stories that run a gamut of contemporary fantasy tales, some sci-fi stories, and a horror story about a terrorist who keeps coming back from the dead to kill again. There is a story about a librarian who finds a crashed alien ship and tries to sell it to NASA and a story about a young woman from a mountain town who goes missing one spring and is the subject of a massive manhunt. There are stories about demon worshippers who come to bad ends and a tale about a very powerful sorcerer who is hunting for a wife. The collection contains twenty stories in all, over a hundred thousand words of fiction, and odds are good you'll find something in here that you like. And did I mention that it's FREE? Just click on the image to be taken to Smashwords, where you can download the collection as an ebook for your reading enjoyment!

In the Temples of My Fathers

This is a Free Novel: Download and Read!

In the Temples of My Fathers is a fantasy family saga that is mostly about two Maya Indian brothers and is set in the jungles of Central America in what is today western Belize, around 1000 A.D. After two centuries of constant warfare Mayan civilization has disintegrated, and most of the survivors have moved north to start over with a new civilization. There are small villages of stragglers, however, who are too attached to their homelands to leave them, and these survivors have clung to the old ways while slowly changing their culture to adapt to the new circumstances. This novel follows one such character from boyhood to manhood, as he becomes the storyteller for his village, and his older brother, who becomes a fruit and honey gatherer. During the course of the story the older brother is murdered by a malevolent spirit, and the storyteller brother decides to take revenge in the name of his family.

The Necromancer of Peach Orchard Valley A SECONDARY WORLD NOVEL

This is a Free Novel: Download and Read!

Ollivar Teedy is a white necromancer in a world where angels, demons and elemental lords fight for the souls of their human worshippers. He performs a service for the lord of the land and is granted the title of baron over a small tract of land called Peach Orchard Valley, where he meets the people of the Valley and sets up house. The novel follows the first year of Ollivar's rule of the Valley, with all the opportunities and troubles that come with it. He will find treasure in the ancient tombs that lie just outside the Valley, will have troubles with the other local barons and their knights, will contrive to bring a healer to the Valley, will fall in love with a woman of the Valley and will discover that he is not the only sorcerer in Peach Orchard Valley. A fun romp through a fully realized secondary world, The Necromancer of Peach Orchard Valley is 105,000 words and about 185 pages long.


This sampler is drawn from my short story collection of the same name. The sampler contains three stories from the collection, for your reading enjoyment. If you like the sampler, consider purchasing the complete collection for $9.50 paperback or $4.99 for the ebook, at Amazon.com. The sampler contains an alternate history story of capital punishment run amok, a contemporary fantasy set in Cairo, Egypt, and the near-future story of a troubled psychic who is trying to prevent a school shooting. They're all relatively short, so check them out today!


The Heart of the Leopard Sampler contains three short stories taken from my short story collection, Heart of the Leopard and Other Stories. The full version of the collection is available on Amazon.com for $9.99 for the print book and $4.99 for the ebook. This sampler contains an absurdist story about a murdered teen, a sci-fi story about a Martian virus run amok on Earth, and the contemporary fantasy tale of a young American traveler in Egypt who is offered the chance to travel back in time by a most unusual man. These stories will give you a taste for the full collection, which has 16 stories in it covering a wide array of subjects.


The following novels, short story collections, memoir and poem are for sale through Amazon.com. Simply click on the picture, and the hyperlink will take you to the appropriate book for sale.

Randal, Randal, Burning Bright

Randal, Randal Burning Bright is the tale of Randal Doering, a web developer who slowly grows sick in the mind and starts hearing voices in what will become full-blown schizoaffective disorder. He can no longer work, quickly runs out of money and becomes homeless. Living out of his car, he leaves Wisconsin as winter approaches and heads south, eventually ending up in Las Vegas. Things get worse when the car is impounded by the police, and Mr. Doering flees to the streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico in the dead of winter. Eventually a police officer directs him to a center for the mentally ill. Given medication for his illness, Mr. Doering makes a slow recovery from his condition, until he is ready to reintegrate into society and start anew.

Plasma Ball and Other Stories

Plasma Ball and Other Stories tells nineteen tales set in the United States and around the world. There is the tale of a scholar who must use good magic to fight bad magic, and a story about a young girl who sees someone no one else can see who has a mission for her and her alone. There is a story about an angry black man who is itching to fight the cops, but someone outdoes him by far. A murderer has fled justice and hidden himself away in his bolt-hole, but someone knows what he has done and where he is, and a showdown is inevitable. Finally, a young man a thousand years ago bears witness to a plague that is spreading among his people, but do the gods have something in mind to stop it? The collection bounces around from the U.S. to the Greek Isles to Egypt and a shot down to Central America. There are nearly 100,000 words of fiction here, and whatever your taste in speculative fiction, you should find some here. Fantasy, science fiction and horror are all represented herein, so grab a bite, turn off the cell phone, and dig in to this collection!

Political Mommies

Political Mommies tells the tale of Isabella Sierra, a young mother of two who joins a group of women bloggers in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Their stated mission: to become prominent names in the blogging industry and rise to national prominence. A big order, but the ladies have an attack plan, and they are willing to work their connections and to fight the power in order to get noticed. Unforunately, Isabella makes a powerful man angry, and he turns against her and threatens to kill her and her children. She hands him over to the cops, and he promptly kills a cop and is now on the run. Then she discovers that he is a potent warlock and, just possibly, something much worse. Things go from bad for Isabella to even worse, and she, her husband, her family, and the ladies of the club must pull out all the stops in order to bring this criminal to justice before he can wipe out her and her kids. This book starts out slow but picks up speed the farther along it goes, until by the last three chapters it is roaring along.

The Suspect and More Stories

The Suspect and More Stories is pure contemporary fiction, written under my pen name, Alaister Crowe. No elves or dragons or Dark Lords in this book, just you and me and the real world. There are stories here about the mentally ill, and the homeless, and a story about a young man who has coffee with an older American Indian while discussing the benefits of civilization. There is a tale about a woman who gets into a fight with a Central American wolf spider and a surrealistic tale about four friends who experience the weirdest day of their lives. There are 31 stories in this collection, so you're sure to find something you'll like. Get it as a paperback or as an ebook.

Plumed Serpent and Other Stories

Plumed Serpent and Other Stories is a collection of 16 short stories that are mostly contemporary fantasy but also include several sci-fi pieces. There are two stories about Maya Indian child musicians which form bookends at the front and the rear of the book. One story follows an Egyptian tourist cop as he confiscates an ancient statuette from some treasure-hunting tourists and finds that it brings him special friends who help him out with his problems. There is a tale told by an American conservative about something strange and possibly terrible that is happening to liberals all over the country and a story about a schizophrenic who may or may not have superpowers. Whatever your taste in speculative fiction, you are sure to find some stories here that you like. Dive in, and try them out! Also available as an e-book for half the price.

Heart of the Leopard and Other Stories

A mentally ill man buys an old lamp from a Middle Eastern man and finds it to contain a djinni--or is it just a hallucination? French scientists experimenting with antimatter manage to blow a 200-mile wide crater in the surface of the Earth, with all sorts of dire consequences, and now some other nations want some payback... A young American traveler in Egypt comes across a strange man who offers him a unique opportunity for time travel, but how to count its costs?

Herein you will find sixteen short stories ranging from near-future sci-fi stories to contemporary fantasies to a ghost story. The characters are middle-class children, Yemeni villagers, American high school students, ancient Anasazi Indians, and Middle Eastern terrorists, but they share in common that odd things are happening, and they must take action. Some of the stories have happy endings, some are more troubled, and a few take a dim view of the human (and godly) condition. Read this collection for sixteen needle-sharp readings of modern speculative fiction, and characters who live and breathe even as they sweat in apprehension of what Fate has brought their way...

Heart of the Leopard Sampler

Alien Treaties and Other Stories

A mentally ill homeless man living in New York City is approached by a space alien with a breathtaking offer, but should he accept it? A San Francisco psychic hears an angry man muttering outside his window and gets shadowy intimations of an upcoming school shooting... An infertile man who wants children is accosted by an American Indian midget claiming to be a god of fertility, but what is the price he wants for his favors? Three children are granted wishes by a djinni, but will they use them to help others, or kill them?

This collection of short stories contains both science fiction and fantasy tales and presents nineteen marvelous visions of past, present and future. From New York City to the hills of Kentucky to modern-day Cairo, these stories track the human heart through yearning, pleasure and pain to its place of final illumination. Fairy tales, contemporary stories and near-future science fiction are all represented here, giving you the reader a hearty buffet of story options for your reading pleasure.

Alien Treaties Sampler

Pax Azteca

Pax Azteca is about a young white man named Dennis Machefski who finds a book of magic at the flea market and teaches himself sorcery. His studies go erratically for a while, then he gets himself into serious trouble with some untested magic. An American Indian shaman named Nine Winds bails him out and recruits him to help her battle the Aztec Indians, who want to destroy the United States and take over Mexico as the opening bid to take over the entire world. It's Dennis and Nine Winds and their motley assortment of shamans and sorcerers against the determined Aztecs and their terrible artifact, the smoking mirror, in a vicious fight to the finish.

This novel won a finalist position in the category Best Published Fantasy, in the 2015 San Diego Book Awards.

Indian Spirits

Indian Spirits is about a mentally ill homeless man who is tapped to tackle a baffling series of murders in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Someone is killing children, and Jack Whitstone must find out who it is and take them down. Aided by a voice in his head that is tied to a bison-man hallucination, he gathers clues, chases suspects and struggles to survive the winter weather and the voices in his head as they urge him to do stupid and dangerous things. He knows he is having problems but doesn't consider himself to be mentally ill, so he goes day after day without seeking treatment as the voices become harsher and his hallucinations and delusions grow worse. For a while Jack goes in circles, getting almost nowhere, before he finally gets on the track of the killer and plans a confrontation. But will he survive facing down his enemy? Or is it curtains for Jack Whitstone?

Forward Base Down

In this epic poem, Forward Base Down, Charlie Team of the Tenth Mountain Division Special Forces has been assigned to patrol a long valley in western Afghanistan, where they are to root out the Taliban and keep an eye on the local villagers. They find the Taliban, but they also find a world where magic is real and the djinnis of the valley do not want them around. To make matters worse, the men discover that a couple of ancient Greek gods are squabbling over the valley and are interfering with the War on Terror. The soldiers must outwit the tricky villagers, fight off the Taliban, make allies of the djinnis and defeat the ancient Greek god of war, Ares. And all of this must be accomplished in about a week, before al-Queda manages to buy nuclear weapons from a couple of demons and ships them off to the U.S. to be detonated!


Anna Wyatt has always had vivid dreams, but the dreams she's having now fill her with fright. In her dreams the year is 1521, and Aztec Indians have marched north to New Mexico, carrying with them a ton of gold and jade which they are hiding from the Spaniards. Anna is in her own dreams like a ghost, almost invisible to everyone except the leader of the Aztecs, a priest named Blood Dancer. Blood Dancer wants to kill Anna and use magic to chain her to the treasure as a guardian, forever. Can Anna get to help and get away from Blood Dancer before he kills her? And if all of this is "just" a dream, can she be hurt in the first place?

Knifing the Heart

The year is 640A.D., and a dark god is rising in the lands of the Maya Indians. He is Camazotz', a god of the night whose plans for the Maya people include countless murders and endless sacrifices of innocent lives. Opposed to his plans is K'awil, a god of the light. K'awil instructs his priest Blue-Green Stone to raise an adventuring party against Camazotz'. Blue-Green Stone finds five foreigners who are willing to accept missions from the Mayan god, and The Six Shadows Adventuring Party is born. The six of them will take on thieves, assassins, the evil dead, warlocks, supernatural warriors, and the guardians of both dark and light as they gain in strength and prepare for the final confrontation with the god of the darkness--a confrontation in which there can be only one victor!


Mike Averson is bored with work and restless in his life. On a camping trip in the wilderness he meets an unusual man named Peter, a shaman who tries to convince him to take up the shamanic religion. Mike is intrigued and slowly gets sucked into Peter's world of curing, divination and throwing curses. He learns to construct and sing power songs and to call to spirits to aid him. Then Peter lays the big one on him: he is not a man at all but is a vampire, one of a group of vampires who are in contact with the spirit world. Mike must choose whether to join Peter in his vampire's world of spirits or whether he should remain fully human, with all that will be lost with that decision. Once Mike makes his choice, his real training begins...


Zahid's Tale is set in a fantastical Middle Eastern milieu and follows the adventures of the wizard Zahid Irsinmantal as he leaves his wife behind and travels to the fabled Isle of Dreams, seeking power. Zahid is promised advanced training by a council of master wizards if he and his friends travel to the Isle, map its secrets, and report back.

Travelling with Zahid are two old friends, a healer and another wizard, both of whom are harboring ugly secrets that threaten their journey. Zahid must plumb these secrets and help his friends find resolution for the miseries that afflict them while keeping the expedition to the Isle of Dreams on track. The novel follows the progress of these three as they travel to the Isle, and as they reach the Isle and explore.

The three friends find that the Isle of Dreams is a testing ground, built by unknown makers, where they are attacked again and again. Whether they can survive the Isle's tests and discover who is testing them is the mystery that keeps them moving anxiously forward.


This collection of short stories follows the events in the novel Zahid's Tale.

Humans have been living under the yoke of the dockalfs for centuries, but all that has come to an end with the explosion of violence that is the Five Years' War. The human nations rise up against their dockalf masters, and the dockalfs respond with typical savagery.

After the war is over and the humans have won, a young scholar wanders the human nations, writing down the war stories of people he meets on his journey. In this collection he presents nine of these stories, covering a range of warriors, herbalists, storytellers, wizards and hapless bystanders caught up in the war's ferocity. Experience the Five Year's War from the first-person point of view, as only these narrators can tell it!